Knife Silencer  
  Close range weapon with high damage Medium range weapon with low damage  
  Frag Grenades Proximity Grenades  
  Fragmentation grenades bounce off of walls and explode after a few seconds Proximity grenades stick to any surface and explode when an enemy gets within range  
  Vortex Grenades Grappling Hook  
  Vortex grenades stick to any surface, suck any nearby player towards them and then explode

They are useful for exploding proximity grenades

The grappling hook sticks to most surfaces and then reels the player towards it

Use it to get to hard to reach places

  Shotgun Machine Pistol  
  Medium range weapon that fires a spray of pellets. It does more damage the closer it is to it's target Medium range weapon that fires a fast volley of shots  
  Trenchcoat labs is always hard at work on the newest spy gadgets and weaponry.

Additional weapons and pickups are available from gadgetomatic vending machines in the Tech room