In the not too distant past, the Spies developed cloning technology and began using it to ensure a well trained army of agents would always be at hand to counter their rival, the evil Doctor Bob and his henchmen.

The Doctor heard rumors of the newly discovered clone tech and arranged to have it stolen and delivered into his hands. He quickly set up a clone lab of his own and began cloning his most trusted henchmen.


Soon afterwards:


A special meeting of the "Henchmen Union" was called when the union leaders learned of the Doctor's misuse of personnel. Concerns about job security prompted a unanimous vote to steal the clone technology and destroy the clone lab.

The newly created clones formed the "Clone Coalition" and determined to steal the technology in order to maintain control of their own destinies and in effort to avoid anymore embarrassing situations involving who's wife is really who.

The spies came back from whatever world saving mission they may have been on to discover that their place had been sacked and were promptly given a mission to recover the stolen data and destroy the clone lab.

Knowing when to call it a day Doctor Bob slipped out a side door with a briefcase full of money, a file containing a copy of all the cloning data, and a far away look in his eyes.

Thus began the Clone Crisis a never ending cycle of backstabbing and duplicity between three rival factions, the Spies, the Henchmen, and the Clones.