Healthomatic Ammomatic Armoromatic Gadgetomatic  
  Health every few seconds up to 200

Found in spawn, supply,
& tech areas

Ammo every few seconds up to the ammo limit

Found in spawn, supply,
& tech areas

Armor every few seconds up to 200

Found in supply & tech

A random gadget every 30 seconds

Found in tech areas only

  Instant Pickups  
  Small Health Large Health  
  10 health 50 health  
  Mega Health Armor Shard  
  100 health 10 armor  
  Small Armor Large Armor  
  50 Armor 100 armor  
  Environment Suit Flight  
  Protects from
lava & acid damage for 30 seconds
The power of
flight for 60 seconds
  Haste Invisibility  
  Increased speed for 30 seconds Invisibility for 30 seconds  
  Quad Damage Health Regeneration  
  Four times damage for 30 seconds Regain health every second for 30 seconds  
  Holdable Pickups  
  Holdable Medkit Holdable Teleporter  
  Useable medical kit Place an exit and an entrance portal to create a temporary teleporter  
  Keys unlock team supply rooms and the tech room

Use them to give your team an advantage